Little River Healthcare to move clinic to hospital

What seems like a minor move could make big waves in Cameron’s medical services.

The Little River Healthcare Cameron Medical Clinic will open its doors at its new location on Oct. 30 inside the LRH Cameron Hospital. The clinic currently resides across 8th Street from the hospital, both on North Crockett Ave.

“By moving the clinic to inside the hospital, we create one-stop-shop for all our patients,” said Troy Zinn, CEO of the Cameron Hospital. “Let’s say a patient visits the ER for something that their insurance doesn’t consider an emergency. Instead of treating them at the ER at expensive ER costs, if it’s during clinic business hours, we can just walk them down the hall to the clinic for treatment covered by their insurance.”

Zinn said that by the same token, when a patient needing an x-ray visits the clinic, they can receive an x-ray just down the hall, rather than setting up an x-ray appointment for another day at another building.

Meanwhile, patients who are admitted at the Cameron Hospital will often receive their follow-up care in the very same building.

Zinn said Little River Healthcare is planning an open house for the public to tour the clinic’s new location and see the hospital’s improved layout. The open house is scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 4, from 8 a.m. to noon.

The Cameron Medical Clinic will continue to provide family medicine, Ob/Gyn, podiatry and pediatrics at its new location inside the hospital. With the hospital’s medical imaging services in the same building as the clinic, Zinn hopes to attract more specialists like orthopedic surgeons to the Cameron clinic.

“This move makes the Cameron Clinic even more attractive for specialists to see patients right here in Cameron,” Zinn said.

The Little River Healthcare – Cameron Hospital and Cameron Medical Clinic are located at 806 N Crockett Ave. in Cameron. Visit for more information or call (254) 697-6554.