Going Gold

Two young Yoemen Macade Patzke (left) and Steven Marquez III (center) helped with the coin toss during Friday’s game against Gatesville. A Gold Out was held during the game to promote awareness of childhood cancer and raise funds for research. Patzke, son of Chad and Mallory Patzke, was diagnosed with Wilms Tumor-type of kidney cancer at the age of 6, in January 2015. He had his left kidney removed along with a 4.5 pound tumor. He then went through six months of chemotherapy.  He is two years post-treatment and doing very well. He is now a third grader at Cameron Elementary School. Steven Marquez III is  7 years old. He was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia when he was two. He completed three full years of chemotherapy. He continues to have lab work monthly but he is doing well and in remission. Steven will be considered cured at the age of 13 without a relapse or recurrence.