Sports Shorts - 9/14

Westbrook out for 8 weeks

After leading the NFL in preseason receiving yards, a former Yoe receiver is now out for an extended amount of time with injury. Dede Westbrook was placed on the injured reserved list last week before Jacksonville’s season opener at the Texans. The muscle injury will have Westbrook sidelined for eight weeks. He is scheduled to return to the lineup during a week 9 matchup with the Cincinnati Bengals. Jacksonville did manage to win their opening game over Houston, 29-7.


Cross Country finds success at Lexington

Cameron sent all runners in the program - both junior high and high school - to compete in the Lexington meet this past weekend. Cameron had plenty of positives, with multiple runners finishing higher up in the standings.


In the girls varsity division, Cameron finished in fourth place out of five teams. Daisy Osorio was the top finisher, coming in at 8th with a time of 13:40.24. Daniela Bustamante (15th, 14:15.96), Eliza Garcia (19th, 14:43.52), Patience Adcock (21st, 15:14.30) and Pyper Charanza (29th, 16:08.82) all competed in the field of 32 runners. Caldwell won the girls’ side of things.


For the boys, Robbie Pfeil (12th, 23:37.89) and Antonio Jiminez (18th, 28:21.57) both competed in the group of 20 runners.


Rosa Valles (12th, 16:13.94), Selene Vargas (20th, 19:35.03), Ana Bowman (21st, 20:16.30) and Frances Sims (DNF) all competed for the JV girls.


For the junior high, Adam Cardona (9th, 13:17.69), Stedman Elliott (17th, 13:52.31), Colton Bargo (22nd, 14:18.06), Joseph Bargo (30th, 14:57.79) John Broll (31st, 15:00.57), Johnathon Clouse (36th, 15:32.17), Juan Smith (54th, 19:23.04) and Nicholas Canizales (DNF) were in the boys competition. Logan Pevehouse (42nd, 17:22.16) did make a showing for the girls.


Charter Bus to Bay City

With the nearly three hour trip to Bay City approaching, the Yoe Athletic Boosters has announced that they will be providing a charter bus for fans wishing to travel to the game. Each seat on the bus is $20. Please visit the Yoe High kiosk to purchase your ticket and gain more information.


Junior High Volleyball

The young Lady Yoe began their 2017 volleyball season last week, and continued play into Monday. In the season opener at Academy, the 7th grade A team highlighted the groups, picking up a 25-18, 25-18 sweep. The 7th grade B team, 8th grade B (15-25, 11-25) and 8th grade A (13-25, 11-25) all fell to the Lady Bees.


In the Robinson tournament, the 7th A team finished second overall. Cameron won matches over Connally (25-18, 25-11) and North Belton Middle School (25-9, 25-13) before falling to Academy in a tough 13-15 third set.


The 8th grade A team finished fourth in the same tournament and had a win over Robinson (26-24, 25-23).


The teams played their home opener on Monday. The 7th B team fell to Hearne (10-25, 4-25), but the 7th A (25-13, 25-21) and 8th A (25-12, 19-25, 15-5) both picked up wins.


Yoemen fall in rankings

To no surprise, the Yoemen have fallen in the most recent rankings after a week 2 loss to Gatesville.


In the Associated Press (AP) poll, Cameron has fallen from number one to number six. The Yoemen do still maintain two first place votes. Gunter, with 13 first place votes, is the new top team in the state. 2. Halletsville, 3. Lexington, 4. Wall, 5. Newton, 7. Malakoff, 8. Brock, 9. East Bernard and 10. Canadian round out the top 10.


In’s poll, Cameron has dropped from one to three. The full poll: 1. Hallettsville, 2. Wall, 3. Cameron Yoe, 4. Yoakum, 5. Malakoff, 6. Brock, 7. Grandview, 8. Pottsboro, 9. Edna, 10. Whitesboro.