Yoe warps up scrimmage schedule

The Cameron Yoemen got in their final preparation for 2017 with a scrimmage at home versus Madisonville on Thursday. Overall, Madisonville did have a 5-3 scoring advantage throughout the entire scrimmage. The teams played one live quarter which ended in a 7-7 tie. It appeared to be a productive night for both teams.


“The Madisonville scrimmage was a very good scrimmage for us,” said Yoe head coach Tommy Brashear. “They were a much improved team that has a lot of kids back this year. I knew coming in they would be pretty good. Rusty Nail is the head coach and he is a good one. He is now in his second year and has his stuff established.”


Scrimmage Summary

During the controlled session of the scrimmage, each first team had two 12-sets of plays, while each second team got two 10-sets of plays to work with.


The Mustangs first team unit drove the ball 70 yards for a score in their opening series, with most of the yardage coming on the ground. The second team drove down to the one before running out of plays.


Zack Andress and the Yoe offense picked up a few first downs in their time on the field, but never got the ball deep into Mustang territory. The second team unit did have a drive stall out at the 1. Bryce Brashear hit Garrett Roeder for a 15-yard pass and Nico Vargas had a few highlight runs to help move the ball.


For a majority of the second set of plays, the Yoe defense held up. However, with one play remaining, a receiver screen pass went the distance for a 70-yard score. The second team unit added on the third score with a series of impressive runs.


The Yoe first string then crossed the goal line, with Andress connecting with Levi May for a 25-yard score. Quarterback Anthony Layne punched in the second score for Cameron, keeping the ball on a read play over the right side of the line for 70 yards.


Each team then had one live overtime possession from the 25-yard line. Madisonville’s offense had the ball one play, as the running-back broke up the middle untouched for a touchdown. Cameron did not make a first down in four plays.


Madisonville began with the ball in the live quarter. They Mustangs picked up one first down before a Vargas sack forced a punting situation. On offense, three pass attempts resulted in only 3 yards as Cameron had to quickly punt the ball back. Later, Cameron had their big run of the evening, with running-back DJ Fripp busting one loose for 66 yards down to the Mustang 9. Andress then found Westbrook in the corner of the end zone for the first score. Ulices Cardona was true on the extra point to put the Yoemen up 7-0.


Madisonville quickly responded with a sweep run for 20 yards followed by a power rush up the middle for another 40. Three runs later and things were all tied up at 7. That would be the final score of the evening.


“They came in here and got after us and we needed that,” said Brashear following action. “It was a physical and hard fought scrimmage. It gave us a good idea of things that we need to work on and areas that we need to improve. It also showed us areas that we are looking good at right now. I was very happy with both of our scrimmages in terms of making us better.”


In sub-varsity action, the Yoe freshmen could not keep up with a 6-2 touchdown deficit. In JV action, both teams scored just one touchdown a piece.