Thorndale community plays Summer Santa

The Thorndale Police Department held its Summer Santa program earlier this month.

“With all the organizations and focus, often times our senior citizens are overlooked,” Thorndale Police Chief Martin Jackson said. “Our seniors and shut-ins need our attention as well. During the summer many seniors are alone, some have no family, and others are just simply ignored. Thorndale has many seniors throughout the community and we wanted them to be honored and supported during the hot summer months. We wanted to organize a special program to focus on our seniors and make their summer more bearable. So, the Thorndale Police Department developed Summer Santa program.”

Over the last several weeks the Thorndale Police Department and local community members have been putting together small fans and bottled water for our senior citizens. Local volunteers took the lead in helping spread the word about the program and what was needed to make this program a success. Summer Santa efforts collected fans and packages of bottled water for our community.

On Tuesday afternoon, July 18, the Thorndale Police and local leaders helped deliver fans and water to seniors and shut-ins in our area. Jackson said this is the second year to organize such an event and it has received an overwhelming support from the community. “Those who received the fans and water were excited and very appreciative of the offering,” Jackson said. “To everyone it was a big surprise. Many seniors do not receive anything during these hot summer months and this is our way to show them we care.”

Special thanks to those who helped in the delivery: Peggy Meaker, Bob Meaker, Ron Meaker, Eric Iannone, Allen Hejl, Larry Drabek and Officer Joah McCaleb.