City initiates chlorine burn

A water distribution system free chlorine refresh was initiated for Cameron on May 22. 

According to Public Works Director Gerald Brunson, this process is accomplished by running only chlorine as the disinfectant. The LAS (liquid ammonium sulfate) that is normally used in the disinfection process at the treatment plant will be turned off for one month. 

This change produces a free chlorine residual that will remove nitrification that can build up in the distribution system pipes. 

Brunson said residents may experience a chlorine smell and/or discolored water during this refresh. 

The LAS will be turned back on in four week’s time  on Friday, June 30.  

This refresh process is a standard procedure for water systems that use chloramines as a disinfectant. 

If you have any questions or concerns contact city hall at (254) 697-6646.