What it takes to win the Lone Star Cup

By Josh Pratt - Herald Sports


As we inch closer to the summer months, another year of sports competition will be in the books. Today, I want to go back six years and look at how the class of 2011 captured the state’s most prestigious award - the Lone Star Cup. 


First off, for those that are not familiar with the award, here is a definition off of the UIL’s website: “The UIL Lone Star Cup is awarded annually to six high schools, one in each of the six UIL classifications (1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A and 6A), based on their team performance in district and state championships. The winning schools in each classification will receive the UIL Lone Star Cup trophy and a $1,000 scholarship, also presented by the UIL.  Honoring the best overall athletic and academic programs in Texas, the UIL Lone Star Cup is open to all UIL participant high schools.”


You can essentially earn points in three different ways - from team sports, individual sports and non-athletic competitions such as marching band, one-act play and the state academic meet. 


In 2011, the Yoemen did all of their damage in either the team sports and individual sports categories. 


The year started out with a bang, as the Yoe football team made their deepest playoff run since 1981 with a state finalist finish.  The Yoemen won the district championship that year, which garnered 4 points.  When you add in the bye advancement plus four playoff wins - 2 points for every win - the football team had collected 14 points. 


Also in the fall, the Lady Yoe cross country team made a run all the way to state, finishing second overall for 8 points.  I will add that I believe the non-team sports scoring system is flawed.  Winning a district, area or regional championship never results in points scored.  You must finish within the top five at state to contribute. 


The volleyball team also clinched a playoff berth for 2 points as the three fall sports gained 24 points total.


Nothing cooled off in the winter as the Yoemen (three rounds, 6 points) and Lady Yoe (five rounds, 10 points) both had banner season. 


In the spring, Cameron put themselves over the top with two state championship and number of other top finishes.


The Lady Yoe track team (10 points) and Yoe baseball (18 points) both secured the school’s first ever state championships in the respective sports.  The boys track third place (6 points) and girls golf second place (8 points) finish at the state level put the icing on the cake. 


Cameron had collected 82 total points, 18 more than second place Tatum.  How can the Yoemen win it all again?


Currently, Cameron has 12 sports, marching band, one-act play and academic competition to score points.  Powerlifting and cheer are not figured into the equation as of this year.  If you divide 82 by 15, you will need to average 5.46 points per event to get to that same 82 point level.  Some sports will do better than others, but a playoff berth and two playoff wins per sport equates to 82 total points.  


2016-2017 Lone Star Cup standings (March 30 update): 1. Canadian (42), 2. Goliad (40), 2. Wall (40), 4. East Bernard (38), 5. Brock (36), 5. Teague (36). 


This year, Cameron has gained 8 points for football and 2 points in boys basketball for a total of 10.  Baseball, golf and track points are still up for grabs.