Kostroun signs preferred walk-on with Incarnate Word

This past week, Noah Kostroun added to the already long list of Yoe seniors committed to play at the next level.  Kostroun signed as a preferred walk-on to play football for Incarnate Word University.

“What Incarnate Word like about him was his athleticism,” said athletic director and head football coach Tommy Brashear.  “He has good size and a good build to him.  They liked that he was a deep snapper.  He did that for us the last two years and was very solid for us.  I don’t remember him having any bad snaps on specials teams.  That is huge because sometimes you take it for granted.”

In addition to his role as deep snapper, Kostroun was a mainstay for the Yoemen at defensive line the past two seasons.  In his junior season, Kostroun totaled 56 tackles, 11 tackles for loss and 7.5 sacks.  This past year, the senior had 54 tackles, 18 tackles for loss and 7 sacks. 

Wherever IWU decides to use Kostroun, Brashear feels he is going to add value.

“I think they feel he is a kid they can plug in and use somewhere where they need some depth.  He did a lot of things right.  He got his foot in the door with a preferred walk on and if he likes it, maybe he can get some scholarship money in the future.”

Reaction from Kostroun on the signing is below.


Just talk about what it meant to you to play Yoemen football?

What it meant to me to Play Yoemen Football is that we always went out onto the field and played with our hearts extent and showed sportsmanship if we won or if we lost.


What are you going to miss most about Friday Night Lights?

I will miss representing my High School in a sport that a lot of townspeople like to watch and support.


Do you have a most memorable moment in your career?

The most memorable memory I have is scoring a fumble touchdown against Woodville.


What led to you to say this is the right place for me?

Well, after looking around the college on tours and talking to professors it hit me that this school and campus somewhat reminded me of still being in Cameron.


What does it take for someone to be a successful defensive lineman?

 To be a successful defensive lineman I would say that you have to be ready to fight or accept whatever challenge steps up in front of you on the line.


Do you know what you plan to major in?

I plan to major in Computer Information Systems


How important is the educational aspect of college to you?

To me going to college or taking that extra step helps out in life if you want to better your chances of a job placement to help yourself and your loved ones.


How special was it to have your friends, family and coaches there on signing day?

It was really special to have my family there with me at my signing along with my friends and coaches that have been with me through my whole high school career.  The love and support of all is what will drive me to succeed and to pursue my dreams.