Food pantry looking for a few blessings

Volunteers at The Blessings From God Food Pantry give fresh produce to their clients. The pantry serves 800 people a month in Cameron. The food pantry provides fresh produce to its clients on Monday and Thursday of every week.





By Lindsey Vaculin

General Manager


Blessings From God Food Bank is looking for a small blessing from the community to help them continue their work in Cameron.

The pantry, which originated in 2006 serving 13 families per month has experienced rapid growth in the numbers of people served and now serves 800 people a month.

Pastor Ernest Taylor said the pantry could use donations from the community.

The food bank is open the first and third Tuesday of the month. They also give out fresh fruits and vegetables on Monday and Thursday.

Taylor said the food pantry used to do homebound delivery but had to discontinue it, but they do have food available for pick up for homebound clients in the handicap lane on delivery day.

The Central Texas Food Bank is the partnering agency for Blessings From God and any and all donations are accepted, but cash donations allow the pantry to purchase a greater amount of food from the Central Texas Food Bank.

Taylor said he started the bank in 2006.

“ALCOA was getting ready to have a strike and God told me to build a food pantry,” Taylor said. “We did most of the work out of a 16x20 building.”

Taylor said he used the money he collected from the members of his church and he was wondering how he was going to put food and clothes in Blessings From God.

“I stood in front of the church and just prayed to God to help me with this,” he said. “Three days later I went to the post office and there was a letter from someone and a check fell out.”

The check was for $4,000 from someone who had heard what he was trying to do and wanted to help.

He said the first stocking of the pantry was with salvaged food that he, Ruth Pitman, Sonya Powell and Donna McGowen picked up themselves from Rockdale.

“We named the pantry Blessings From God, because it truly was a blessing from God that we got it started,” he said. 

Since 2006, the food pantry has moved to the fellowship hall of the church into the old Hill Country Day Care building because they outgrew the other facilities.

“We have a great Board of Directors and we are serving a purpose in the community,” he said. “Any donation is a great help.”

The Food Bank is located at 1300 N. Austin in Cameron. You can mail donations to P.O. Box 27, Cameron TX 76520.