Cameron lifters compete in Temple

Cameron lifters competed in the Temple meet last Thursday.  For the boys, Joe Rangel (710 lbs.) was 3rd in the 132-pound division, Alex Aguillon (1,015 lbs.) was 7th and Kendall Fincher (825 lbs.) was 14th in the 165-pound division, Kevin Advic (1,035 lbs.) was 6th in the 181-pound division, Garrett Roeder (1,190 lbs.) was 2nd, John Santos (1,065 lbs.) was 4th and Dominic Lewis (890 lbs.) was 11th in the 198-pound division, Nico Vargas (1,225) was 4th in the 220-pounds division, Dortavis Lewis (1,365 lbs.) was 4th and Alfredo Sierra (945 lbs.) was 13th in the 275-pound division, and Adrian Lewis (1,360) was 3rd in the super heavyweight division.  The boys finished fifth as a team behind Belton, Waco, Temple and Copperas Cove. 


The girls had Faith Kistler (545 lbs.) finish 7th in the 148-pound division and Daejanay Bell (785 lbs.) was 3rd in the 259-pound division.  


Cameron will compete in the final regional qualifying tournament of the year in Meridian on February 23.