Culinary Arts Initiative

Students at Cameron Junior High receive groceries on Jan. 20 as part of CJH’s Culinary Arts Initiative. The school is piloting a grocery distribution program to promote healthy cooking for all of students and their families.  With high demand for the culinary arts class this year, Cameron Junior High is looking into ways to include more students in culinary education. The school periodically distributes free groceries to students to inspire culinary involvement and increase fresh, healthy food in our community.  These bags include fresh produce and recipes compiled by the Culinary Arts class. This initiative is a partnership between Cameron ISD and the Central Texas Food Bank. According to the Central Texas Food Bank, the distribution is open to the entire school of which 76 percent qualifies for free- or reduced- priced meals. The program is currently serving the 6th grade and distributes about 12 pounds of healthy food per child per distribution. The Food Bank is currently operating Food for Thought as a pilot program with Cameron ISD. This pilot is for the current school year and ends in May of 2017.