Yoemen powerlifting classic 2017 a success

This past Saturday, hundreds of lifters from across the area filed Yoe Gym for the annual Yoemen Powerlifting Classic.


The event - which saw lifters compete in the squat, bench press, and deadlift - started at 9:00 a.m. and wrapped up during the 3:00 o’clock hour.


“I think this meet went really well,” said first-year head coach and Yoe High graduate Eric Balch. “It was the first meet of the year and the coaching staff and the town of Cameron did a great job of helping put this on.”


Cameron had a strong showing on the day with eight lifters finishing within the top five of their respective weight classes.


Senior Dortavis Lewis won the 275 weight class, finishing with a total of 1,285 pounds. Freshmen newcomer Nico Vargas grabbed second in the 198 weight class with 1,075 pounds.


“We had some bright points,” said Balch. “I thought Dortavis Lewis did really well. Nico Vargas, a freshmen, stepped up and finished second in his division.”


Elsewhere for the Yoemen, Joe Rangel finished third (675 lbs.) in the 132 pound weight class, Zach Andress was fifth (930 lbs.) in the 165 pound weight class and Kevin Advic was third (930 lbs.) in the 181 pound weight class.


For the girls, Selene Vargas (430 lbs., 114 weight class) and Faith Kistler (490 lbs., 132 weight class) both finished fourth. Daejanay Bell came in with 630 total pounds for a fifth place finish in the 259 pound weight class.


“Our Cameron kids did well considering we have kind of a young team,” stated Balch. “They competed really hard and we are looking for some good things in the future for them.”


Balch noted that it took a lot of people to make this event a success.


“It's a big undertaking. You have to get all of your equipment and all of your workers, for which there are about 100 workers involved. Our judges come from out of town and our teams come from all over and they compete in this thing.”


Weight class winners:



114: Colt Baranowski (Smithville), 555 pounds;

123: Rushi Patel (College Station), 890 pounds;

132: Santi Piedrahita (Belton), 680 pounds;

148: JT Abshire (College Station), 1,100 pounds;

165: Braden Tschirhart (College Station), 1150 pounds;

181: Hunter Douzat (Academy), 1,395 pounds;

198: Nathan Ellard (College Station), 1,400 pounds;

220: Jerry Leyba (Belton), 1,420 pounds;

242: Auturo Jaimes (Belton), 1,410 pounds;

275: Dortavis Lewis (Cameron Yoe), 1,285 pounds;

Super Heavyweight: Javon Chambers (Belton), 1,560 pounds.



97: Camryn Riggins (College Station), 550 pounds;

105: Amanda Hubbard (Moody), 615 pounds;

114: Jessi Carreon (College Station), 495 pounds;

123: Kalen Wootan (College Station), 760 pounds;

132: Dana Young (Belton), 705 pounds;

148: Crystal Williams (Academy), 785 pounds;

165: Julia McGinnis (College Station), 910 pounds;

181: Chesney Kuper (Academy), 755 pounds;

198: Taylor Strmiska (Academy), 1,105 pounds;

220: Alicia Goodridge (Belton), 665 pounds;

259: Ellie Hair (College Station), 1,040 pounds;

259+: Jasmine Kellar (Giddings), 1,000 pounds.


Yoemen Results:

Joe Rangel 5th Place in 132 class

Zach Andress 5th place in 165 class

Bryce Welsh 6th place in 165 class

Tyler Bunt 7th place in 165 class

Heath Hollas 10th place in 165 class

Kevin Avdic 3rd Place in 181 class

Dominic Lewis 8th place in 181 class

Nico Vargas 2nd place in 198 class

John Santos 8th place in 198 class

Dortavious Lewis 1st place in 275 class

Sierra Alfredo 9th place in 275 class

Adrian Lewis 7th place in SHW


Lady Yoe Results:

Selene Vargas 4th place in 114 class

Faith Kistler 4th place in 132 class

Daejanay Bell 5th place 259 class