TISD OKs architects for potential bond

The Thorndale School Board approved a contract with Goodwin-Lasiter-Strong architects for a potential bond project during its meeting Nov. 14.

The board had previously selected GLS as the architect for the project. 

TISD Superintendent Adam Ivy stated that the contract had been negotiated and revised through the district attorneys and was revised favorably for the district. The agreement removes arbitration as a method for dispute resolution and replaces it with mediation. The agreed upon fee of 7.25 percent was included along with a stipulation that if a bond is not passed that GLS will bill for pre-bond services at an hourly rate up to no more than $10,000 if the district completes no other work with GLS over the following year. 

The board approved the contract by a vote of 6-0.

Ivy presented information from two different contractors using two different delivery methods with budget numbers for the same set of parameters. This apple-to-apples comparison showed that construction manager-at-risk was less expensive and more comprehensive than construction- manager agent. There was discussion about how the different methods provide different levels of local control and different levels of accountability. 

Ivy explained that the increased costs for construction manager agent are related to the fact that each sub-contractor has to provide their own bonding and many are simply not able to do that. 

The board chose to approve the use of construction manager-at-risk by a vote of 6-0. 

The board also recognized the accomplishments of three groups. 

The Thorndale Band was recognized for their performance at the regional marching contest earning them a rating of 1. They also presented a prototype of the new band uniforms. 

The second group recognized was the Lady Dogs Volleyball team. They were recognized for their playoff birth and first round playoff win against district champion Moody. 

The third group recognized was the boys and girls cross country teams. They were both district champions and advanced to regionals. Peyton Anastas, Presley Anastas and Jacob Williamson were recognized for advancing to the state cross country meet.

There were brief administrative reports from all administrators presented in advance. Ivy elaborated about the new E-Mist disinfectant system that was recently purchased to protect against illness and infection.

The consent agenda was approved as presented. 

The board was presented with a contract to name Live Oak financial to provide financing and bond planning assistance for a potential upcoming bond project. 

Ivy explained that this contract had been reviewed by the district’s bond counsel and provided no cost protection in the case that a bond is not passed. 

The board approved the contract as presented in a 6-0 vote.

A presentation was made by Ivy concerning a statement of impact for a possible online charter school. The board discussed briefly but decided to take no action. Ivy also presented a possible tool for the superintendent’s evaluation that will take place in January, no action was taken on this item.

Business Manager Rebecca Peel presented budget amendment Number 3 to reallocate $2,450 from general budgeted fund balance to general supplies. This amendment was approved in a 6-0 vote.

The board adjourned to executive session to discuss personnel and student issues and returned to set the date of the December board meeting for Dec, 5 at 6:30 p.m.

The board adjourned at 9:30.

A quorum was present with the following members in attendance: David Hall, Ann Glenn, Kimberly Biar, Adam Fisher and Kirk Becker. Dean Betak arrived shortly after the beginning of the meeting and Trey Felton was absent. There were no participants in the public forum.