Yoe Band superior at UIL regional competition

This past Wednesday, the C.H. Yoe High School Band competed in the UIL regional marching contest from the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor.  All the hard work during the summer months leading up to this point payed off as the band took home the superior straight one rating. 


“The kids did absolutely great,” said band director Craig George.  “From a marching standpoint, they did extremely well, and from a playing standpoint, they did really, really well.  Everything from their body posture to their confidence was great.  I was extremely pleased with the group, especially where they have come from the last two months.  I am really proud the way our younger kids have progressed.”


The regional marching contest features many different bands from one section of the state.  Each band is graded individually on how well they march and play. 


“Mostly it’s on execution of both marching and musical techniques” said George.  “Even though you are moving and marching, they are still judging you on balance, blend and tone quality of your instrument.  They are still judging all the same musical elements while the kids are marching.”


The band has accomplished a tremendous amount over recent years, including an honor band award in addition to back-to-back-to-back trips to the state marching contest in San Antonio.  Talent and a combination of hard work are two key elements that has propelled the band to where it’s at today. 


“The work ethic of these students is what drives this program,” said George.  “I think that we have some some extremely talented students in our school and we would put them up musically against any other school in the state of Texas, but what sets our band apart from all others is the work ethic of these kids.  They want to be driven and they want to be pushed on the field.  They want to earn everything they get at the contest. 


This is not a state-advancing year for 3A schools, so this is the end of the competition phase for marching.  However, this superior rating is just part of what the band intends to accomplish this school year. 


“Even if it’s not an advancing year, your goal for the band throughout the course of the year is to earn the sweepstakes trophy,” stated George.  “That means you earn an overall one during the marching season and you earn an overall one in concert and overall one in sight reading.  You want to have a clean sweep in marching, concert and sight-reading.  This is the first step in earning that sweepstakes trophy for your school.”


The band will now focus on other events.  In addition to marching at every remaining Yoemen football game, the the band will also host a Christmas concert and will march in the annual parade.  The band has all-region contests coming up in December and will continue planning for their big trip to Florida during spring break.