Residents warned about forced entry incidents

Police are warning residents about a series of attempted break-ins that Police Chief Randy Dixon said had the potential to be violent home invasions.

Over the past two to three days, residences in the city have been targeted by as many as five men trying to “kick or punch their way into people’s homes through the doors homes during the night," Dixon reported in a news release.

The five reported incidents have occurred in “almost every area of town, east, west, north and south,” Dixon said, adding that while no homes have actually been broken into, several residents have been awakened by nighttime noise of someone trying to force open the doors of their homes.

 “In each instance every home was occupied by residents which could lead investigators to believe it possibly could result in a home invasion situation,” Dixon said. “As of now, no one has been able to give a complete description of the individuals who may be perpetrating these acts.”

Dixon asks residents to be vigilant in securing their doors at their homes, garages, and cars and to leave exterior lights on overnight. Residents should immediately contact police if they hear any sounds or unusual noises during the night.

“We ask that local residents be observant of their neighborhood and if anyone has cameras on their residence, check them to see if they have any movement or individuals which might be identifiable,” Dixon said.

The police department is placing emphasis on patrolling local neighborhoods at night, the random nature of the incidents makes it difficult to know where to concentrate their patrols, Dixon said.

Anyone who has information about who might be behind the incidents is asked to call the Cameron Police Department at (254) 697-6574.