Buckholts ISD in the market for a new superintendent

Former Buckholts ISD Superintendent Dr. Dirk D. Dykstra speaking in a program on school safety during a Milam County Emergency Management exercise.

Buckholts ISD Superintendent Dr. Dirk D. Dykstra announced his departure after four years with the district.

Dykstra cited personal reasons for his decision in a letter to the community released Wednesday evening.

“Living over three hours away from my wife has become more and more difficult for me ... and it is time for us to be together daily again,” he said.

Dykstra noted the district has “improved academically on all the Indexes that TEA measures us on.” 

“I did not want to leave a job undone and decided to stay until the testing was complete so we would not lose the momentum we had built,” he said. “This year, we have brought together all the available resources the district had in order to give the staff and students the best chance possible to meet standard. The early results are encouraging.”

Dykstra also noted that he had prepared for his departure by recruiting Cheri Hart to serve as interim superintendent during the Buckholts ISD School Board’s search for a new superintendent. He noted that Hart has worked with the district before.

“Ms. Hart has 3.5 years of experience with the district and is certified as a superintendent. She has been very successful with many schools in bringing up their scores and has contributed greatly to our increases here,” he said. “I am confident that she will help the district move forward.”

Hart took over the administrative post on Wednesday.

Dykstra expressed appreciation to the school board, faculty and staff and the community.

“I am grateful for the experience and wish the best for the students, the staff, the community, and this district,” he said.