Cameron Funfest success

Kenny Stone and members of the Smokin’ Hot BBQ team accepted the overall championship award from CPD Shootout BBQ officials Daniel Willie, Julie Sulak and Sam Berry.


Laura Guel of the Dixie Smoke Rollers team accepted the reserve championship award from CPD Shootout BBQ officials Daniel Willie, Julie Sulak and Sam Berry.


Another successful CPD Shootout BBQ sanctioned cook-off was joined by a new festival at Wilson-Ledbetter Park this past weekend.

Organizers were grateful for beautiful, cooler weather Saturday after lightning and thunder lit up the area Friday night. For the most part, the worst of the storms missed Milam County and there was little rain to dampen the opening evenings events, organizer Daniel Willie said.

The new festival revived several events previously held in conjunction with the Dewberry Festival and other events previously sponsored by the chamber.

“A new non-profit organization, For Cameron, was formed to organize and create the new Cameron Funfest as a component with the CPD Shootout BBQ,” Willie said. In addition to Willie, directors are Julie Sulak, Bobbie Wiesman and Sam Berry. They recruited volunteers and other organizations, such at the VFW Post 2010 Auxiliary to help with the various events.

The cook off event drew top cooks for tough competition  in all the major CTBA caterogies, starting with some fun events on Friday night as the cookers arrived to set up for all-night cooking.

Early Saturday, some 100 participants lined up for the first-ever 5K Beer and Brat Trot and Root Beer and Hotdogs Fun Run for kids. Willie attributed the run’s success to organizers including Jeannine Dohnalik, Melanie Shuffield, Suzanne Dohnalik, Susan Pommerening, Colton Shuffield, Faith Watkins and others. 

Bounce houses, games and activities for kids started Friday night and continued Saturday, when parents could also shop at the many arts and crafts vendors set up in the park. The popular Kid Fish event held in conjunction with Texas Parks and Wildlife and local game wardens, returned to the park pond Saturday morning and the annual Pet Parade sponsored by the VFW Auxiliary was held in the afternoon. 

The Cameron Car Club moved their annual spring Classic Car Show to the downtown square in the shade of the courthouse grounds and reported good turnout again this year.

Grand Champion honors in the barbecue cook off, determined by points earned in the individual events, went to Smokin’ Hot BBQ, Kenny Stone. 

Reserve champion honors went to Dixie Smoke Roller, Laura Guel.

Top winners in each of the categories included:

Chili: CTBA Outlawsm Charlie Shirley, first place; Uncles BBQ, John Matula, second; and C4BBQ, Rusty Condry, third.

Beans: Just A Krusin’, Floyd Kruse, first place; Trebel Hook, Michael McAnulty, second place; and Bar 1 Bar, Mike Bernstein, third place.

Exotic: Here for the Beer, Ross Towery, first place; Rebel Way, Joe Patino, second; and CTBA Outlaws, Charles Shirley, third.

Margaritas: Bar 1 Bar, Mike Bernstein, first place; Ideal Poultry, Kevin Crouch, second; and Smokin’ Hot Pit Stop, Steven Caffey, third.

The top ten placed were recognized in each of the meat categories and cash prizes were awarded to more than ten places.

Chicken: First through tenth places: Dixie Smoke Rollers, Laura Guel, Hawg Knuckle BBQ, Thomas Ramirez; Funeral Boys, Floyd Berry; Po-Po BBQ, Chris White; Go Big or Go Home, Kevin Javolik; Budweiser, Ray Keilers; Packers, Travis Jackson; Little Chili’s, Silvano Cervantess; Lone Star Beer, James Mondrik; and Naw Da Bone, Michael Galvan.

Pork Ribs: First through tenth places: Yardbirds, Jamie “The Girl” Galvan; Smokin’ Hot BBQ, Kenny Stone; Dixie Smoke Rollers, Laura Guel; Chupacabra Cookers, John Granados; Naw Da Bone, Michael Galvan; Smoke This, Henry Hubnik; Momma G & Her Sassy Pigs, Sandra Glaser; Ideal Poultry, Kevin Crouch; Hard Ball Cookers, John Broussard; and Q’N’ Dawgs, Larry Morgan.

Beef: First through 10th places: Smokin’ Hot Pit Stop, Steven Caffey; Smokin’ Hot BBQ, Kenny Stone; Burning Ring of Fire, Randy Rubac; River Rats, Boyd Taylor; Smokin’ A’s BBQ, Jim Adcox; Go Big or Go Home, Kevin Javolik; Off the Chain BBQ, Obery Nelson; Cameron Police Department, Mike Hail; Overall Winners, Seth Juergens; and Little Chili’s, Silvano Cervantes.