Suspected K-2 Spice traffickers arrested

Cameron Police believe they stopped an influx of the dangerous synthetic marijuana known as K-2 Spice with the arrest of two alleged distributors.
Xavier Campell, 42, and Regina Jones, 34, both of Cameron were arrested Monday on charges of possession of K-2, under five pounds; possession of a controlled substance, less than two grams; and tampering with evidence.
Chief Randy Dixon said CPD officers were joined by Bell County Narcotics Task Force officers in making the arrest Monday in Cameron. The suspects are subjects of a two-month investigation targeting K-2 Spice distribution in Cameron and Temple.
Investigators learned Monday that the suspected traffickers had obtained a substantial amount of K-2 Spice and were on their way back to Cameron.
The suspects’ car was tracked from Temple and when they entered the city limits, CPD officers made a traffic stop, Dixon said.