CPD assists federal investigators in arresting suspects here

The Cameron Police Department assisted state and federal agencies in arresting six individuals wanted on federal and state warrants. 
According to Police Chief Randy Dixon, five of the six were arrested as a result of an 18-month drug investigation with CPD officers working with the Bell County Organized Crime Task Force and federal agencies in stemming the influx of methamphetamine and marijuana. The investigation spread to the cities of San Antonio, Austin, Temple and Killeen. 
According to the US Attorney’s release of information, a total of 20 individuals were arrested in connection to the investigation in Texas. A federal grand jury indictment returned in Waco and unsealed on Thursday, March 10, charged 17 of those arrested with either conspiracy to distribute a controlled substance or distribution of a controlled substance. Other charges contained in the indictments included use of a communications device (cell phone) in a drug trafficking crime and possession of a firearm during a drug trafficking crime. The indictments allege that the defendants have distributed controlled substances including methamphetamine, cocaine and marijuana.
On Thursday morning, March 10, the CPD Special Operations Unit, along with members of the Bell County Organized Crime Task Force, US Marshals, DEA, FBI and Texas Department of Public Safety arrested six here in Cameron, five from the federal indictments and one who had an outstanding warrant. 
One subject fled from officers and was arrested in Hearne. 
Those arrested in Cameron on the federal warrants were Gabriel “Chubby” Rangel, 36, Jose Salomon, 29, Kenneth “Wege” Montgomery, 57, Oscar “Red”  Rodriguez, 34, and Johnathan Salazar, 29. All five were taken into federal custody.
Also arrested Thursday, on a Texas Attorney General’s warrant was Michael Borgas, 41, who was booked in the Milam County Jail.