Helping fight childhood cancer

Ben Milam students, faculty, staff and administrators join the Marquez and Patzke families in fighting childhood cancer.

During Battle of the Bell week, Cameron and Rockdale schools and football fans are ‘Teaming Up For The Cure’ to support childhood cancer awareness.

More than 6,700 gold commemorative t-shirts have been sold and more than $40,000 raised to help bolster the funds available for research into childhood cancer. Many schools have joined the effort.

Ben Milam Elementary students, faculty and staff joined in the effort in honor of two students who are currently fighting childhood cancer.
Five year-old Steven Marquez, son of Steven and Anabel Marquez of Cameron, was diagnosed with Leukemia at age two he is currently doing well with treatment and attends kindergarten at BME.
Six year-old Macade Patzke, son of Chad and Mallory Patzke of Cameron, was diagnosed in January with Wilms Tumor, a type of kidney cancer. Following surgery and chemotherapy, he is also doing well and attends first grade at BME.
Students, faculty and staff showed off their t-shirts with the Marquez and Patzke families.